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Long-term loans with low profits for real projects
cdc procedure

Procedure to obtain a loan from C.D.C

Circle Development Capital Investment (C.D.C.) is a company located in IRAN with a special relation with biggest financial institutions in Erupe, with a main office in Tehran.
C.D.C. operates in the fields of economics, commerce and finance Topics that the applicant must know before the action:

For a loan, you must have a contract between C.D.C. and the borrower, which can be highlighted by the following:

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Four first condition:


Real Project

Our definition of the real project:
Project must have land, permits and Feasibility Study.


At least 10m€

The minimum loan amount For the projects is 10m€ (TEN million euros).


15% Borrower

Deposit or blockage of 15% capital contribution (for 1 year) by the borrower.


85% guarantees'

Valid BG, Providing real estate, Bonds, Buy Back, Government guaranteed, itself project

cdc procedure

Who is borrowing from us?

Loan is granted for projects that have economic justifiction and is not lent to commercial affairs.

Loan currency

The currency of the payable loan is Euro and its repayment is also Euro.

  • checkClean and Clear
  • checkTransferable
  • checkFree Tax
cdc procedure
cdc procedure

Duration of repayment

Period of loan and its interest repayment is 6 years which its first 2 years is grace period and the last 4 years of that is loan repayment.

Interest Rate

The annual interest rate is 4%, with a 2-year grace period, the average profit is about 2.8%.

cdc procedure
cdc procedure

Amount brought by the borrower

It is up to the borrower to provide 15% of the total amount of the contract so that C.D.C will provide 85% of the rest

  • check1- Deposit (Cash in return Bank Guarantee)
  • check2- blockage (MT799 or MT766 Blocked Fund “Admin Hold”)

Minimum and maximum loans

The minimum loan amount is ten million euros and there is no limit to it.

cdc procedure