About Us

Circel Development Capital Investment (C.D.C.)

About Us

Today, in a competitive business world, in order to succeed, we need to develop our human, technical and financial capital.
One of the key factors in business development is the availability and affordability of low-cost and reliable financial resources. Investment and financing business, coupled with technological and technical innovations, has progressed dramatically in recent years.

The Circle Development Capital Investment Company (C.D.C) has been registered in the United Kingdom for financing, investing, lending and performing bank guarantees and other related matters, and has close relationships with other big companies in this field.

By combining its many years of experience with modern and consistent international business practices and creating a highly professional team with the classical world financial networks, banks, investors, CDC has provided the ability to fund real projects.

Logical relationship based on the principles of CDC with clients and trying to solve their financial problems is one of the very basic goals of the company.

The company provides all possible and exist options for lending and financing at various meetings with the presence of experienced experts. Positive and negative points of each option are expressed for the client decision. Also, the experts of the company explain the necessary operations from signing contracts to depositing loan amounts to the client and providing the necessary solutions.

For each project approved by the company’s experts, and after the investment or financing contract, the company’s regional mandate for assistance and consultation from the beginning to the end of the repayment period will always be available to the client.

The company has been developing its organization and operations with the grant of representation in most provinces of Iran and the countries of the region.

Projects that focus on environmental preservation, community health and clean energy and public affairs are top priority for C D C.
All personal, commercial and business information of the client is considered confidential by the company and will not be disclosed in any way.

Our purpose is to build trust in society. It defines the difference we seek to make in the world it's why we do what we do.

Our consultants include medical doctors, engineers, business managers, civil servants, entrepreneurs, and research scientists. They join Borsen for the opportunity to apply their talents to complex, important challenges. Their diversity of background, gender, nationality, and outlook ensures our clients receive a singular balance of deep and broad expertise.